10 gorgeous makeup looks for your bridesmaids

10 gorgeous makeup looks for your bridesmaids

When planning a wedding, not only do you have to think about what you’re going to look like on the big day but you’ve also got your bridesmaids to think about as well. It can be a daunting task to coordinate a group of girls’ complete looks, especially for such an important day. So be inspired by these 10 gorgeous makeup looks for your bridesmaids.



Image: Hayley Dutton Makeup Artist

A natural makeup look is one that is not only easy to achieve, but it is one that will look beautiful on a variety of skin tones. This clean look will not distract from the other beautiful elements of the day.

All about the eyes


Image: Zoe O’Meara Makeup Artist

A great way to achieve a dramatic makeup look that is not over the top is to pick one element of drama. Creating a look that is all about the eyes is a great way to achieve sophisticated dramatic makeup without having your bridesmaids look too overdone.

All about the lips


Image: Maria Irving Makeup

If the colour palette of your bridal party is more muted a beautiful way to inject colour is to choose a bold lip colour for your bridesmaids. Pair this look with a simple or more natural overall makeup look to really make those lips pop.

Vintage glamour


Image: De Ross Artistry

If your wedding has a vintage ambiance, an old school glamour look will be the striking finishing touch your bridesmaids need to really look the part on the day.

Go for gold


Image: Amy Price Makeup Artist

Add a bit of sparkle to the make-up looks of your bridesmaids by opting for a golden palette. Their faces will sparkle and glow for your special day.



Image: Livingdolls Makeup Artistry

A day that is all about getting dolled up for a celebration of love deserves beautifully feminine makeup looks for your bridesmaids. Think dusty pinks to achieve a girly but grown-up look for your bridal party.

Smokey eyes


Image: Tuuli Cosmestics

Most people suit a smokey eye, however, depending on your wedding theme, this dramatic look can sometimes be too much. Achieve a softened version of the smokey eye look by using chocolate brown and bronze tones in lieu of jet black.

Also, as a brown and bronze colour palette is one that tends to look good on a lot of skin tones, this look is great option if you want all your bridesmaids to have the exact same makeup look.



Image: Brooke Sutherland Makeup

To make sure your girls glow on your day, opt for a contoured make up look that will bring shine through highlights and subtle definition.

Dewy fresh


Image: Zoe O’Meara Makeup Artist

A dewy makeup look will have your bridesmaids looking fresh and radiant. This velvety finish will look beautiful in real life and for photos.

Bold and bright


Image: Fresh Canvas

A wedding is a big day all round so why not go bright and bold with your bridesmaids’ makeup looks? Bright eye shadows and colour on their cheeks will create a joyful look to match the joyful mood of the day.

So choosing a makeup look that makes your bridesmaids feel beautiful and excited for the celebrations of the day will make your day all that bit more special.


How to avoid wedding dress regret

How to avoid wedding dress regret

You’re sitting in the car, receipt in hand, wondering what the hell you just did. You’ve bought what you thought was the ‘dress of your dreams’. The saleswoman loved the dress on you. Your mother loved the dress on you. But did YOU? Here’s how to avoid wedding dress regret and feel like a princess on your big day!

wedding dress regret

Gorgeous #RealWedding Bride Maggie in her stunning princess gown – Oy Photography

First: what is wedding dress regret?

Symptoms of wedding dress regret include but are not limited to; heart palpitations and feelings of disappointment, refusing to discuss the topic, constantly finding yourself in the same room as the dress but always refusing to try it on, and frantically Googling wedding dress regret symptoms. You’re not alone — wedding dress regret is common among brides. Here’s how to avoid it.

wedding dress regret

 Beautiful real bride in her unique and feminine floral gown by Wendy Makin Bridal Studio

Lower your expectations

Too often brides have their head in the clouds when it comes to wedding dresses. Obviously, we all want a glittering disco ball of a dress, that shoots fireworks at the groom and releases a puff of Chanel perfume automatically on an hourly timer — but does this dress even exist? For pyromaniacs, maybe. But in regular wedding gown boutiques, probably not. Don’t be disappointed if the dresses you try on are just that — a dress.

wedding dress regret

Belle et Blanc

Be open to other design options

You’ve been dreaming of a princess dress since childhood, but when it’s on your body in the boutique dressing room it just doesn’t… work. This is okay. It’s healthy to admit defeat and try again. Maybe the dress you choose has long sleeves, a fishtail bottom, or a wide lilac velvet sash you’d usually loathe, but for whatever reason, loved. Sometimes things don’t go the way you originally thought, but that doesn’t mean it’s a failure.

wedding dress regret

Delicate and stunning dress from this #RealWedding by Kylie J. Bridal and Formal

Stick to your budget

If you have a specific budget in mind — stick to it! Don’t try on dresses outside your budget. If you find yourself with a receipt for a dress three times the price you originally budgeted for, don’t be surprised if you end up with wedding dress regret.

wedding dress regret

#RealWedding – Oy Photography

Remember what’s most important

While your dress is important, it’s not the most important aspect of the day. Without the love you and your partner hold, there would be no wedding and no need for a wedding dress in the first place. Once you realise your love takes precedence over your dress — congrats! You’re immune from wedding dress regret.

#RealWedding - Blue Tulip Imaging

These gorgeous lovers at their stunning  #RealWedding – Blue Tulip Imaging